Shall I Share A Secret

It broke the silence of the room

Shattering it to pieces

I thought it must be an urgent call

I picked it up with a sigh.

“Now who could it be this hour of the night?”

I murmured to myself

When shrilly a voice called aloud

“Shall I reveal a secret?”

I scratched my head and thought awhile

“Who could it be this hour of the night?”

“Hello,” once again resounded the voice

Until I recollected “Oh this was some friend

Of long ago met and forgotten”

“Yes, hi,” said I and paused awhile,

“I do remember you dear, but why do you

Call so late at night is everything O.K. my dear?”

“Yes, it’s late I know it is but this I must share for sure

Your long lost friend’s daughter has secretly married

A boy she knew before!”

I banged the phone and pulled my hair

Grossly agitated

My mind swirled in and out

At the atrocious jargon related

How dared someone to burst and announce,

Or share a ’secret’ with you

When a personal matter is a private matter

And no one’s business too,

Beware, good friends,

Each one and all

“Don’t lend ears to gossips at all.”

                                                                     ~Shobha Diwakar

                                                                      Jabalpur, India

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  1. It’s true people are more interested in other people’s affairs than their own. They are such big inquisitive bees that they have no idea what their own kids are doing under their very nose. Their gossiping stops only when their own family lands in deep waters of something horrible.

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