Month: October 2015


The Roadside Trees

  There was a time when the roads were lined With beautiful mango trees On either side of the roads were lined Majestic and bold neem trees The banyan trees with their masculine boughs The tender ‘berrow’ trees Swayed and flowed with the breeze That rowed them genteelly. It was a […]



डबडबाई आँख ,दिल भी आज महवे यास है पँख  हैं  भीगे  हुए और हसरत-ए-परवाज़ है खड़कते  पत्ते  हवा से कर  रहे सरगोशियाँ मचलते  हैं  गीत  पर  खोई  हुई आवाज़  है सरसराती, महकती, बाद-ए-सबा  ख़ामोश है फूल  मुरझाए  से  हैं, मौसम ग़लत अंदाज़ है वो  हवा, वो  चांदनी, वो  रात  की  […]


Om Ganeshaya Namaha

Om Ganeshaya Namaha The ten days of worship Ends tomorrow: Every nook and corner of the city Is dressed for the occasion; Loudspeakers blaring everywhere, Lighting adorns the roads Luring people to visit the laborious idols Adorned with festive feathers: Donations collected,’ modaks’ for the lord of ‘Shubh’ sentiments and […]


भूल – भुलैया

मन का तो काम भटकना ही है जीवन पथ पर पर भटक गया जीवन मेरा मन की गलियों में मन  की गलियाँ  ! जो सिर्फ अबूझ पहेली ही हैं लक्ष्य नहीं, स्वप्निल  मरुजल हैं, जो स्वाति का मेघ नहीं , उन इंद्रधनुष  के झूठे , मोहक रंगों में, है उलझ […]


The Man called Mahatma

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal It was casual get together of my team after work when during discussion topic of conflict in Middle East came up, one of my female colleague asked an innocent but ironical question,” Why can’t we all get along?”. I didn’t have any answer to her […]