A Requiem

A charming elegant angel she was

Forever smiling and chirping

Her face glowed with happiness

With a graceful gait she walked

Carrying boundless joy with her

Many a sad faces

Into smiles she turned!

All living beings were

Creatures to be loved and cared for.

Loss of any life brought

Unrestrained tears to her eyes!

Her gentle, loving spirit was

A balm for many distressed hearts!

But alas

With brutal harshness

She was snatched away from us

Miles away she has flown off

But in our mind and heart she still dwells!

This sweet spirit is hard to bury away

It’s a heart rending, impossible feat

Even to try to forget such an angel!

So till we live

You live with us, our dearest loving sis!

                           ~Anu Bannore

                              Vadodara, India


  1. the loss of a loved one is too great to bear ;the years may fly but the fragrance of her blossoming face can never ever fade ; the bonds the sisters share is the purest form of love God has blessed one with
    thank you for this beautiful tribute

  2. Undoubtedly a heart rending poem. Very touching. Well written

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