NSA Talks: Not On Talking Terms

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

All it takes is few wise men to run everything into the ground. Why Pakistan even bothers to make a display of wanting to have a talk, they can simply say no, if our neighbors like these Hurriyat leaders so much, why not they take these “representatives of Kashmiri people” with them.  It’s just an excuse of cancelling the talks that might have any hope for peace along the border.

 These shenanigans will bitter any hope or mood of a fruitful discussion even if an NSA level meeting takes place on 23rd or in any future date for that matter. Congress allowed these meetings between separatists and Pakistanis in their time, it didn’t resolved anything then it will not resolve anything now but mistakes of past should not be repeated. It’s not about NDA or BJP, no sovereign country in the world would allow a non representative third party to intermediate on behalf of its citizens. Indian governments stand is justified; it’s a challenge to country’s authority and honor which is entirely unacceptable. Imagine if India starts consulting Balochistani rebels on Pakistani matters before Pakistani government, would that be acceptable to Nawaz Sharif.

 Pakistan doesn’t want to have a conversation in first place. The country where convicted and known terrorist roam free, children get butchered in school and girls get shot for going to school speaks volume about its claims of peace. Our side also has to remember that it’s not our obligation to extend olive branch all the time. I don’t know if Pakistani populace wants things differently from their leadership, if they want peace and dialogue with India. Had this standoff had not have happened discussions might have paved the way to business, commerce and cultural exchange. Cricket could have been a bridge between the countries but it takes two hands for a handshake.

Kashmir is an important issue but it’s not the only issue. There are hundreds of Indian fishermen in Pakistani jails and Pakistani fishermen in Indian jails who need to be freed. There are numerous Sarabjits in jails of Pakistan who have been virtually forgotten.  Then there is this girl name Geeta who wants to return home to her family. We need to discuss this human side of the political debate too. Kashmir, its people or its issue itself is not going anywhere.

Shelling across border will only add fuel to the fire; Pakistan needs to understand that indiscriminate attacks on border will not go unanswered. Pandering to extremists will destabilize their own home. Pakistan has to accept that Kasab and Naveed are living examples of the cancer it has allowed to grow and spread on its soil. It should heed India’s advice of persecuting people like Sayeed and Lakhvi, one should not throw a torch at his neighbors home if he sleeps under a thatch.

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  1. holding peace talks with Pakistan is no less than walking on the razor’s edge.
    Peace talks and anarchy can not walk together/ hand in hand; whether or not an olive branch or an entire olive tree is rooted for them permanently

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