Month: July 2015


Silver Lining

The silver- lining disappeared last night As I sat and watched outside the window The bars trembled I was surprised How could iron be that poor? Everything you buy outside Is no longer good to bite For you never know what there is inside! The green dotted stuff they say […]


A Tribute to Rocco

As a baby you came to a house Soon a home it became for you. You were so very sweet and loving That people were drawn to you. Your twinkling shining eyes spoke a world about you! You scampered all over the house With everyone running after you, but- You […]


The Storm

Last evening the power went off It happened so everyday  The mornings bright are dulled by the loss  For the brightness you lose everyday The public strangulated with problems galore Are rejected along with their right to live The rich in power enjoy everything free… The poor struggle to survive […]


कुछ सवालात

तीरगी की तरह घिर आये ग़मों के लश्कर मेरी तन्हाइयों से इनको दुश्मनी क्या है रहनुमां बन के मुझे  लूटने वाले ये बता दोस्ती कहते हैं इसको तो रहज़नी क्या है मुझको अलमस्त, बेपरवाह समझने वालों काश पूछो मेरी आँखों में ये  नमी क्या है हमें तो रात ही नसीब […]


Drain less Delhi Drowning

By Ranjit K. Sahu The monsoons have caught the common man on the wrong foot in Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) region, especially since people wanted relief from the smoldering heat. While most people would now curse the rain God for his nonchalant cloudburst forgetting how earnestly they […]