Tongue and the Sweet Tooth

By Shruti Shrivastava

Taking you down memory lane and remembering the days when we were small enough to choose the eatables not by their benefits and calories but by the taste they had us engulfed in. At that point even if your mom had an upper cap of no more than a single or at most a couple of sweet items in a day; you would always find ways to sneak past and violate these rules.

 Not that it was only a child’s tongue but even after we are much more matured, we tend to have that crave for these sweets. Sweet tooth is very common and many of us don’t even remember since when our tongues started liking that taste. Chocolates are for sure the best items but with the kind of desserts available and the boom that the confectionery industry has seen in the recent past, options are a plenty. You could close your eyes and are still guaranteed to have one or two of the really famous ones as you sway your hand in the air.

What’s more fun is the categorization (in most cases created by us) you see in the market for these sweets. 90% of the time you will buy Laddoos and Burfi for some auspicious occasion at home, a pooja or probably a function. Likewise Jalebi is more of a snack sweet dish, host to a few relatives or friends? Jalebi is the best sweet item. This is just an example and you can go on adding your own items and categories to this. You will see this is much fun anyway. And while we talk of sweets and desserts, the more of the western items; cakes, pastries, doughnuts and co. will sure make a mention. So while many of our parents and grandparents still prefer that a local dessert, possibly a kheer. We will (in all possible scenarios) end up picking a nice black forest. Hey, hold on, I think a photo of cake will be much better.

Indian Periodical-choco lava cake

So you see; whatever be the occasion, there is always space for a dessert items on the table. Your lunch or dinner plate will themselves create some space for that item to please your sweet tooth. Don’t agree? Do watch out for the menu items list that your wife has got, the next time you plan to host an event at home. Trust me you will find me correct, 99% of the time! I will leave that just 1% for the rare occasion of you hosting an event for the group who may be on a no-sugar diet. It’s a different matter that there are options available for them in this arena; but lets just leave that ‘chance’ of occurrence to itself.

Having discussed all this about sweets and the desserts and the occasions where you may be hunting down a no-sugar item in the market only to find that all you were able to achieve was burn your fuel. So while it’s a good idea to take a list, go to that sweets or the bakery shop and buy the blah blah and blah; you sometimes happen to have no choice but probably to put on that chef cap and prepare the item yourself. Ladies out there preparing the halwa for that pooja, will always agree with me. So why not take this a step further and prepare them on a regular basis and for a bigger group. Love to cook? Well, than that makes the job easier a bit. Try your hand as a bakery shop owner to, possibly, turn your dream into reality. I did with these items below in my own kitchen, wearing my own home-chef cap. Have a very sweet day and enjoy the sweets.

About The Author: Shruti Shrivastava is a home chef, wife to a software developer since the past 7 years and a mother to a 2 yr old sweet little girl. She loves to create magic in her kitchen with whatever flavours she can collect. Shruti runs her own food blog called “Flavour Basket” where she shares her own styled recipes with her readers through the downloadable text recipes as well as video recipes on YouTube.


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