Surprise In Disguise

Life is a big surprise
Dodges you often with open eyes
Behind the veil is hoodwinked something nice
Behind the cries  is the dawn of smiles.

Need not stop for the wails are a blessing in disguise
Then why one is unaware of the unrecognised
For the unrecognised is something  a grand surprise
The surprise is within our soul
Which awakens us from a  bleak slumber
Thou(God’s) are a  Beacon
For that beacon enlightens the soul
And sets before us a goal
That life is a garden of colours
Thoughts are the paintbrush to colour
The dark clouds in an  infinite hope that
Silverining adorns the darkness as change is the only certainty  of life.
Be blessed the dying soul for that certainty is certain
Might be quite late but never uncertain

                                              ~Pallavi Sharma

                                                 Dehradun, India

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