Trees Uprooted

There was a time

When man and wild

 Lived together for quite a while

The sun the moon the planets too

Took care to nourish both and true

The gradual years as they rolled by

Tore the bond that grew and bound

The two together soon tore apart

When greed and whim slashed his heart

The multiplication game began

Steal and store the cry became

To build to snatch the game began

While trees cut down to claim and rend

The cry of bitterness no one heard

The trees, the wild became their woe

Lost in dark and loss multiplied

Nature’s wrath sliced human life

Beware be wise don’t strive for hives

The nasty bees will go on strike.

                                                                         ~Shobha Diwakar

One Comment

  1. the environment is shrinking, wild animals are housing themselves in human neighborhoods this is a warning. take heed restore nature’s balance before it is too late