The Flight

Out of Blue

He flew

Down, into my terrain,

Not like bird, but

Like an aero plane

Promising to take me away

Far, far, away

Beyond distant horizon

Towards heaven’s gateway.

Swept me off my feet

A rare exotic treat

Sheer bliss

I closed my eyes

Still saw fluttering fireflies

Swimming off the ground

With dancing stars around

Singing with Rains

Breaking all chains

Of Inhibition

Floating in Time   with

Timeless ambition

For love, that drove

My passion with velocity

That reached Eternity

In moments

Of Joys, Blessings, raining,

In torrents

A century got    lost,

Then occurred the worst

Mirrors crashed

Dreams dashed

Opened my eyes   – stony   ground,

 No sound

Blazing cloudless sky – harsh reality

Quashed credulity

I blinked and blinked

Nothing even slinked

No debris, no shards. Nothing to explain

Just an invisible wound and blood – stain

My Radar has lost the aero plane.

                                                           ~Sudha Dixit

                                                               Bangalore, India

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