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Appeal against TCS Layoffs

By Siddharth Sehgal A petition has been filed by F.I.T.E (Forum for IT Employees) to appeal Prime Minister’s office to look and address the issue of massive layoff’s from TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) of their senior level employees which can impact up to 25000 people and their families. The details […]

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There he was Sitting outside the temple With his dog Looking at people passing by Caught in the race of life With not a moment to spare He looked on and searched For a face to gaze upon him And eyes to smile And lips to say a few kind […]

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That is the Question

To be or not to be Yes To be or not to be Since teenage  Heard these lines Mulled over them Many many times When, at last, The meaning sinks in It’s end of Journey with links in Phases you wonder The joy, the trust, and The total surrender Then […]

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To See Or Not See PK

By Ranjit K. Sahu The year has ended with another uncalled controversy dotting the landscape of Bollywood, the release and theme of PK, the movie of Hirani and Aamir Khan.  There has been much said about the film’s obscure way of belittling Hinduism and promoting relationship between a Pakistani man […]

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Letter From the Editor: Our Aim, Our Ambition for 2015

Dear Reader,  We have come far from our starting point in early 2014, we are entering this New Year with a renewed confidence and we owe this to your interest and support to our efforts. During this time we published poems, articles, pictures and cartoons sent by people from different […]

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