Reflection On Kashmir

By The Editor

There is one thing very puzzling about Pakistan and psyche of its leadership. Right from the beginning in 1947, they wanted their own country. Wanted to create their own Utopia but that dream failed miserably. They are unable to provide their people with even basic facilities of food, education, water, housing and most of all stability and security. It’s all fine until that but they showed similar dreams to some disgruntled old Kashmiri separatists and labeled India as an invader. These cowardly terrorist attacks in the valley are same ugly reflections of those fairy tales. Where would be Kashmir today if not for India, probably drooling in the same condition as our neighboring country.

If politicians in Kashmir had persuaded their people to go along with India a long time back. This constant fear and heavy armed  presence would never have been needed in the first place. It would have been a prime destination of tourists and a secure, prosperous future would have been their for their youth. Well, though late, they are trying to make up for the past and are coming out in numbers to exercise their rights as Indian citizens but the jealously of those living next door could not see our house in order. Another surprising fact is that in Pakistan except the prime minister and foreign office, rest all rogue elements have complete sway on foreign policy. The dictates of militant like Hafiz Sayed holds more value than Nawaz Sharif, the question rises if things go out of hand and both nations come to war because of delusions of the few. Would Pakistani’s be contend with paying  for mistakes of few.

 There were few in Indian political circles who blamed Modi government for increase in terrorist attacks but they forget that they have failed at every level to defend the border and honor of nation when they were in power. The new government is at least taking the stand against this nemesis that has plagued our people for decades but what can be said about the royalties of the political dynasty who know nothing about the struggles of ordinary Indians and would not understand the sacrifices of soldiers who die protecting their country.

India’s resolve and commitment towards Kashmir cannot and should not be shaken, cowering to such attacks on democratic values will only prove their point. The people of Kashmir have an opportunity to create a new history.  If their efforts succeed their might not be a necessity of keeping large part of armed forces in the state.


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