No Good Deeds Go Unpunished

By The Editor

No good deeds go unpunished and no where it’s more evident than the recent set of events that played out in the bail of Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, though the Pakistani government had tried to do the damage repair but a big question arises is that can we really trust them to do the right thing. Just when Indian people tried to show their solidarity in Pakistan’s loss in an unprecedented way, we were slapped in face for our goodwill; it really makes us ask ourselves. Do these people really deserve our sympathies? In harshest of realities they didn’t learned anything even after reaping what they had sown. Would Pakistan take stern measures against groups operating against India on its soil or its just some surface measure to avert a PR disaster. Now or three months later Lakhvi eventually will be out of jail and message that’s out there is pretty clear, it’s officially acceptable to plot against India. Innocent lives lost in Mumbai are not terrorism for Pakistani Government.

What happened in Peshawar was a despicable act, even worst of the worst don’t do this to their enemies but does the government of Pakistan realize the implications of letting one terrorist go free and going after the others. This should be a wake up call for India more than Pakistan. These people don’t want our friendship which they have made clear time to time by promoting people like Sayeed and Lakhvi but the granting bail to a known criminal involved in death of hundreds of innocent people in Mumbai just 24 hours after vowing to kill the murderers of Peshawar speaks volume about the politicians of Pakistan who don’t share the sentiments of Indian people for mutual peace and prosperity. It’s unfortunate that those children had to pay for someone else’s crime but isn’t Pakistani’s were reportedly celebrating in streets when attacks in Mumbai took place. These were the people who were harboring perpetrators of 9/11. A country’s government is reflective of its people. So would it be wrong if an average Pakistani is held accountable for such things. This was one rare occasion when Indians actually felt touched and concerned after seeing the dead bodies of young children from that Army School on television, it could have brought our people together but no! we are fools to expect such things from our neighbors.

 Another surprising fact is the billions of dollars American government is poring into Pakistan without considering the ground facts. Lakhvi, Sayeed and Taliban are one part of the problem, but what about the clerics who fan the flames of radical Islam in youth of Pakistan, what about the free roaming and facilitation that’s provided by the army, intelligence and the government officials to the leaders of these groups, politicians are no exception either. Sharifs are said to have close relations with Hafiz Sayeed and his associates who are labeled terrorist by United Nations Security Council. West should remember the example of AQ Khan, analysts often talk about carrot and stick in diplomacy to get things done. It’s only carrot and carrot in case of Pakistan. Stability in Afghanistan is necessary but repressive acts against India can have nuclear and global implications and world have to realize this fact.

 It’s okay morally, politically and humanly to express sympathies at our neighbours loss but the other side should have a sense of reciprocity towards our feelings too.

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