The Wind Is Cold

In the long gone past, there was a time

When the grass was green and rhythm divine,

It felt so warm, though the wind was cold

Lost in him, my memories unfold.

I see the wind, I hear the silence, and I long for the times

When solitude wasn’t a disgrace,

I feel so lost, I’ve nowhere to go

The wind is cold and I’m so alone.

Time grows on me, the seasons change

The night shadows creep when the sun sets,

I know that he had to go, to come back some day

But the heart aches when it sees no ray,

Knowing there will be a morning, a change to stay

My heart keeps saying, it wants to play to live, to say,

The wind is so warm and I don’t feel alone.

                                                                                                ~Sonali Ketkar

                                                                                                    Pune, India


  1. Swanand Rajure says:

    A nice read!

  2. Nice one!

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