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By Vijayasree J from Trivandrum, India [slideshow_deploy id=’1089′]

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Stark Reminder of Chhattisgarh

By The Editor The sterilization incident in Chhattisgarh is a stark reminder of our ailing public medical system. The negligence for which we are so well known throughout the world has again cost us dearly in both lives and embarrassment. Government medical hospitals and colleges in urban areas are riddled […]

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सीता उवाच

राम ! मैंने तुम्हारे साथ वनवास भोगा ,राज्य नही वह मेरा चुनाव था मै अशोक – वाटिका में रही पर्णकुटी में नही वह मेरी नियति थी किन्तु अग्निपरीक्षा देकर भी जो आज मुझे वनवास मिला है वह ना तो मेरा चुनाव है ना ही मेरी नियति वह मेरी सज़ा है […]

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A Very Dark Day!

A Very Dark Day. A sunny day it was, bright & beautiful All seemed to be happy It was a clear blue sky The sun seemed to be smiling It was a very infectious smile All of us were soon in its clutches No one could even dream of A […]

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The Wind Is Cold

In the long gone past, there was a time When the grass was green and rhythm divine, It felt so warm, though the wind was cold Lost in him, my memories unfold. I see the wind, I hear the silence, and I long for the times When solitude wasn’t a […]

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कृषक का आक्रोश

प्रलय का प्रकोप प्रकृति की  देन है मगर कहाँ गया श्रम का कर मेरा ? धन धान्य से भरा है जब पालकों का गृह क्यों संकट मैं है घर मेरा ? जागृत जगत में सुप्त का अभिनय कौन निशित करता है संवाद मेरा ? हर ओर है जब प्रकाश  समृद्धि का क्यूँ […]

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The Dear Departed He called in the morn He was fine… The next news came he was gone My jolly brother, the parents’ joy Had left us all for his heavenly abode He was not sick, no signs he showed His heart was tired he did not know The shock […]

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राजनैतिक शिष्टाचार के विरुद्ध छुप कर धोखे से राजा  बाली का  संहार करते हैं मर्यादा के विपरीत प्रणय – निवेदिता नारी रूपवती राजकुमारी शूर्पणखा का अंग भंग कर ,उसके सौंदर्य पर प्रहार करते हैं महाज्ञानी,शूरवीर , अजेय रावण को पराजित करने के लिए युद्ध – नियमों का उल्लंघन कर नाभि […]

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Election Bugle: Battle for New Delhi

By The Editor Now that there is official green light for elections in Delhi, things are in motion towards a decisive showdown between BJP and Aam Admi Party. As elections will come closer, old political melodrama on TV will appear again, campaign trumpets will resound with processions, where politicians from […]

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