A Very Dark Day!

A Very Dark Day.

A sunny day it was, bright & beautiful

All seemed to be happy

It was a clear blue sky

The sun seemed to be smiling

It was a very infectious smile

All of us were soon in its clutches

No one could even dream of

A dark cloud that would darken our life forever with a thundering, paralytic effect!

Yes, your flight to the unseen world-

Has stricken us with absolute immobility-

We can neither think nor do anything-

To bring you back.

It’s so exasperating that-

You who saved & healed so many lives

Didn’t get a second chance.

You were undoubtedly saved from undue sufferings-

But we were not prepared for your departure so soon!

Though you aren’t amidst us-

You will always be with us-

We will love you forever

Death will never succeed in-

Snatching this precious feeling of ours for you!

May your soul rest in peace!

                                           ~Anu Bannore

                                             Vadodara, India


  1. very moving and impressive .

  2. the shock of a sudden death in the family is heart rending specially for those who are close yet just a distance away from the lost one your thoughts reflect our feelings for a lost brother God’s ways are best known to Him but as they say God too needs good Samaritans to plant them in His garden as good angels your loss is the loss of every loving family and we share this sorrow with you
    you have expressed it beautifully the loss is great indeed and touches every human heart

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