The Nation’s Hero

The Nation’s Hero

He rose from humble origin

To become a rising star

Studded with glorious achievements

The race he won galore.

His far sight reaches a zenith

No one can deter his vision

The long lost nation

Looted and plundered

Struggles to restore its balance

His aim  to restore faith

Kindles the spirit of man

He accepts he sold chai… not integrity

For no work is below his dignity

He soon will broom the floor

He does not sit and order

He sets a rule for all

Placing himself before all

God bless him with his plans

to prosper and behold

the long lost prestige of our nation

drowned in the corruption game.

                                                                         ~Shobha Diwakar

                                                                          Jabalpur, India

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  1. It’s an excellent description of what our honourable PM Modi is & what he stands for. He sets an example by doing what he wishes the populace to do. We too hope & pray to god to bless & help him to achieve his goals for a better India. Your poem clearly shows how this very ordinary man has won every ones heart. He stands above the crowd!

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