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इक   ज़माना   हुआ  है  दिल    टूटे पर खलिश है कि अब तलक न गयी जब  ज़हर  ही  इलाज  हो  ग़म  का चारागर तू  सही या कोई  और  सही इस  क़दर  टूट  कर  चाहा  तुझको दिल  में  कोई  और आरज़ू  न रही सरे  आलम  को  छोड़  आये   […]

October 12, 2014 · 2 comments · Poetry

The Great American Show

He landed on the soil of America A cheering crowd he beheld A man of vision they perceived A legend they cheered and hailed. No leader before him was greeted The stale, moldy frame disappears To melt the salty taste of yester years Now drowned in the aching ages A […]

October 12, 2014 · 1 comment · Poetry

Back to the Drawing Board with Pakistan

By the Editor So, things are back to square one with Pakistan. After inviting them to oath taking, extending a friendly hand and making all the good gestures, prime minister is reciprocated for his goodwill by shelling of civilian areas in Kashmir and heavy firing on our jawans along the […]

October 12, 2014 · 0 comments · Editorial

Coming to Terms With Gandhi

By The Editor It was not easy off course, coming to terms with a man on whom I use to crack jokes? His emaciated figure, loincloth and even simple stick were subject of laughter among us friends. True, he played the major role behind gaining the democracy we take for […]

October 5, 2014 · 2 comments · Editorial

The Nation’s Hero

The Nation’s Hero He rose from humble origin To become a rising star Studded with glorious achievements The race he won galore. His far sight reaches a zenith No one can deter his vision The long lost nation Looted and plundered Struggles to restore its balance His aim  to restore […]

October 5, 2014 · 1 comment · Poetry

Introducing My Country to a Tourist

Keen was he to see the map of my country and I handed him a peepul leaf. He looked astounded. I asked, ‘Does it not look like the heart?’ He wanted to know the boundaries of my country and I pointed toward the flying birds far-off. When asked about my […]

October 5, 2014 · 1 comment · Poetry

एक शै

है कोई शै, ख़ुशी  है नाम  उसका कौन है, किस जगह पे मिलती  है लोग  कहते  हैं  वो  कली  है जो मेरे  गुलशन  से  दूर  खिलती है तुम  न  आये  न  नींद  आती  है कोई आहट सी दिल को छलती है क्या  जुनूँ  है, मेरे  तसव्वुर  में तेरी  परछाईं  जैसे […]

October 5, 2014 · 0 comments · Poetry

The Scots have Bungled

By Ranjit K. Sahu Economy has been the focus and foundation of many geopolitical decisions in the recent decades and has been seen as the panacea for ailments plaguing the world order and human developments. It is no surprise that it has been “the factor” that prompted slightly more than […]

October 5, 2014 · 0 comments · Articles