Sinking Reality In Kashmir

By The Editor

It is kind of ironical but reality has sunk in into the valley of Kashmir. For decades Hurriyat, Pakistan and other separatists have been calling for independent state in the valley and India was alleged an occupier, an aggressor whose forces oppress the Awam or the people. Well, where are these separatists’ voices now, it is these armed forces, the one that were labeled “invader” who are going out to help the people with food and water.

It is sad that it has taken this catastrophe to remove the curtains from the truth. Omar Abdullah and his government have been quiet vocal about the article 370 in the past and have boasted their autonomous status of self-sufficient independent state. Why is he claiming his helpless now when it is the jawans of the Indian Army who are reaching out and aiding people despite the inclimate conditions of flood, unpredictable weather and not to forget angry mobs who were deserted by their own state government to fend for themselves. There were even reports of army personnel being pelted with stones despite being knee deep in rescue operations by some elements with political agenda.

If you ever got chance to interact with general Kashmiri population or with students who come to study in schools and colleges in different states. Their attitude towards fellow Indians and nation as a whole speaks volume about the political environment and propaganda they grew up in their home state. Even tourist or pilgrims to sites like Vaishno Devi have met with sort of brashness if not outright hostility. One person was even asked by a taxi driver at Jammu railway station if he was from India. Now central government has pledged to pour crores of rupees in the relief work to help the displaced. We are not saying that it shouldn’t be done but people of the state of Kashmir and their political leaders should realize that India and Indians are committed to their wellbeing and security. It cannot be a one way street forever, where reaping benefits from one end and voicing separate state from the other. Winning hearts is a good thing but the other person has to be responsive too.

But we have a gut feeling that as soon as this tragedy and waters will subside, the old drama will start again and the separatists will be back on streets, blaming us for the shortfalls of their own, “autonomous” state government and all good deeds will go down the drain. But we dearly hope and wish that we are wrong and there will be a change in outlook among the people of Kashmir towards the country we call home.

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