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The Myth of Religious Neutrality

By Ranjit K. Sahu The concept of religious neutrality  is a misnomer when its real meaning is emphasized. It suffices to say that more often than not it has been coined by people who understand very little of religion, both theirs as well as others. How else do you explain […]

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From The Diary Of a Newly Turned Father

A round the clock tiny ‘Time Bomb’ keeps ticking by my side as I wait anxiously to see her explode. She is just a few days old; her impossibly small velvety hands, infirm slender legs with knees lacking in detail, tiny feet as if some artist’s chimera. And then her […]

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तुम्हे क्या बतायें  कि क्या हुआ मेरे  साथ  है  जो  सितम  हुआ दिल  तोड़  के वो  ये  कह  गये लो, ये क़िस्सए – दर्द क़लम हुआ हमें क्यों हो उससे  गिला कभी हमें आये  उसका  ख़याल क्यों हम  उसे  न  चाहेंगे  उम्र – भर जो वफ़ाओं से मेरी सहम गया […]

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PM Modi in US: Der Aye Durust Aye

By The Editor PM Modi’s has finally arrived in both literally and metaphorically sense. The country that denied him visa for more than a decade has opened its arms to welcome him as the head of Indian state. His trip carries the weight of convincing the world that India can […]

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Elderly Abuse: The Stigma of Indian Society

By The Editor Today, we shed light on something’s we prefer to overlook, a stigma on our society of the abuse of the elderly’s. Many seniors are lucky to have concerned children who take care of them in the eve of their journey but many more find themselves abused, neglected […]

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लोग कहते रहें, कहने को कि, ख़ुदा है इश्क़ दरअसल सोचिये तो सिर्फ हादिसा है इश्क़ ज़िंदगी रास्ता है और मौत मंज़िल है इनसे बच कर निकल गया वो कारवां है इश्क़ किस ख़ुशी, कौन से से सुकूँ का ज़िक्र है यारब मेरे ख़याल में इक दर्दे- जाविदां है इश्क़ ये […]

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Thank God Kashmir exists!

By Lakshay Nanda   “Agar firdaus bar roo-e zameen ast, hameen ast-o, hameen ast-o, hameen ast.” “If there is a paradise on earth, it is this, it is this, it is this.” Amir Khusro would have been quite intrigued by the beauty of this place until he had been born in […]

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Sinking Reality In Kashmir

By The Editor It is kind of ironical but reality has sunk in into the valley of Kashmir. For decades Hurriyat, Pakistan and other separatists have been calling for independent state in the valley and India was alleged an occupier, an aggressor whose forces oppress the Awam or the people. […]

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मुझको भी तुमसे मुहब्बत तो नही हमदम ,कि बस दिल  पे  तेरी  बेरुख़ी  कुछ  चोट सी  पहुँचाये   है  तुम अगर  मसरुफ़ हो तो हम भी कब हैं मुंतज़िर  फिर भी हर आहट  पे इक उम्मीद सी बँध जाये है  तुमने की तर्के-वफ़ा ,अच्छा हुआ ,झंझट ख़तम  बस यही अफ़सोस […]

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Fall Foliage

By Sean Zhao from Columbus, Ohio, US [slideshow_deploy id=’945′]

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