The Light of Solace

A dried maize cob she looked

 Standing silently in the midst of green

 All wrapped up in a brownish shawl.

 Sadly she smiled to herself

 At the thoughts of her loved one.

 Yes, the loved one who shunned and

 Drowned her in a sea of

 Jeers, accusations, sarcasm

 Yet she cared and loved selflessly,

 Yearning for nothing but a smile,

 A few soft, gentle words.

 Was it too much to ask for?

 Against all odds she had always stood,

 A mountain she was in defending her love.

 But to what avail?

 A choice had been made

 But alas

 Not in her favour!

 Blinded by tears

 In the darkness she groped

 Searching for the light of solace

 To enlighten her path

 For the rest of

 The tediously lonely journey of her life!

                                                                    ~ Anu Bannore

                                                                   Vadodara, India


  1. A moving and vivid description of suffering .brown and dried lonely figure against lush green surroundings , enhancing the contrast of abundance against scarcity , love on one side and rejection on the other . Rich imagery , lucid language .

  2. Nice.. I love the way you describe the person/object, it makes it easy for the one reading it to visualize. .

  3. this is the reality of life / we give selflessly to no avail once the wings r grown children fly of to their own destination forgetting those they leave behind
    a beautiful poem very well written keep up your good work

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