A Message on 67th Independence Day of Republic of India

By the Editor

 If Considering Asia in particular and may be even on a broader world stage, India’s position, culture, history, military might, people, economy, history is a force to be reckoned with. Even our founding fathers might have never imagined what we have achieved so far, nuclear power, homemade satellites, computer revolution, vast infrastructure to list a few. From being subservient to a small European island country to a global power, we have come a long way. But deep down every Indian feels that country has lagged behind on its hopes and expectations. There is unrest, uneasiness to change, to break the chains of our own shortcomings, to break away with clutches of corruption, poverty and schisms of cast, creed, religion that divides the brother from brother.

In no way our accomplishments become any less significant in view of our humble beginnings but the irony is that we rarely do justice with our potential as a nation, especially the youth. Young Indians are competitive, talented and nowhere it’s more obvious in United States, where Indians and people of Indian origin excel in all most every aspect of life from fields of molecular biology to applied robotics to economy & finance. Our people are going abroad, learning new ways, taking on uncharted frontiers and challenges but walls of our own home are marred with old scars. The country which produces mathematicians, economists, doctors, scientists in millions find hard to produce ten Olympic gold medalists or seven Nobel Laureates. We are capable of launching a geo stationary satellite but find it hard to bring justice to a rape victim. Other countries fight with each other, Indians fight among each other on divides of state, language, cast and other self made boundaries.

If you ever bumped into a racist in western countries, they’ll call you names, tell you to go back to your third world country but whatever the world calls it, for us its home. Despite all its ills, problems and hardships for us Indians it’s the most beautiful place in the world, we can come together to make it more beautiful for generations to come or ruin it altogether. 15th of August is not just another government holiday, it means everything to what we are today and we can be. It should remind all of us that we are free to choose our own path, a nations fate lies in the hands of its people.

                                                                                                                                                                    Jai Hind

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