Knots for Success

By Manisha Gupta

The other day I was watching the popular TV serial –CID on SONY. Suddenly one of the members of the CID team, Daya, had to climb up a building to go after the culprit. He quickly took out his rope and flung its hooked end onto the balcony. Once it was firmly hooked, he began climbing up on the knotted rope.

There was nothing new in this scene. Everyone has seen such scenes in almost every movie or serial. The only difference might be that sometimes it is the thief making use of the rope to climb up while at other occasions it is the police. However, what remains constant is that the rope has “Knots”. And, it is only due to these knots that the person can climb up successfully. Had the rope been without knots, the probability of climbing up will be negligible because of the simple fact that you need “something” to hold on to for your grip to enable you to climb up.

This is what set me thinking in terms of life. The problems and hurdles that you encounter in your lives are similar to these knots. People who don’t face any such road blocks during the process of life may find it more difficult to climb up the “rope of life” to reach the summit of success. Those who do have more difficulties in the course of their lives, surprisingly turn out to be more successful. The reason is simple. They have these problems or “knots” to hold on to in case they tend to slip back. These provide them a support and a base to go onto the next level.

So, don’t be afraid of your problems, use them as knots in the rope and climb your way up to the zenith of success!


About the Author: Manisha Gupta, Founder & MD LOGIHQ, is a Trainer & Motivational Speaker based in New Delhi.

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