A Broken Image

You brought me into this world

This beautiful creation of God

You fondled me in the crib

You bought me many toys

But as I learnt to sway and toddle

You somehow forgot to fondle

…Thus the years rolled by.

I steadily grew in your empty arms

And waited all the while

For you to come and fondle

But… the vacant years rolled by

Then it was just a formal touch

When you thought I was alive!

So … once again the silent years

Rapidly rolled by

The face I now see everyday

Is that of mom standing by!

Through thick and thin, she pulled me up

Swallowing the bitter tears, you gave

Struggling to hold us together

While you drank your hours away

Now Shuttling between your brand new home

No time you have to spare

All I can do is look outside

And hope that you are there

Who says a dad is warm and cool?

For I have learnt the truth

Your selfishness, your lustful love

Just stole my childhood too!

                                                                          ~Shobha Diwakar

                                                                             Jabalpur, India

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  1. You have very clearly shown how terribly the children are affected by the separation of their parents. They mature in their childhood & the right to enjoy the joy of being a child is snatched away from them. It is very well portrayed in your poem.

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