The Meaning Of Life

By Ashwani Shrivastava

The meaning of life has been a question of debate and illusion among the philosophers, poets and scholars. Even common people come across these questions. This question is very old yet so pristine…

This question has become more profound in the new era then before. Earlier belief in god or the set beliefs used to calm the vibrations generated by this ubiquitous question. Now the human has become more rational .He focuses on the cause and effect relationship and if not tries to know the reason behind it. Earlier the question used to be like this “Do you believe in this or not?” now the question is “Is it there or not?”. Modernization has given people the reason to debate which leads to the path ahead and reason to question on the set norms.

Charles Darwin has said that human has evolved from the chronological evolution of the other species. But some people still believe that human is directly born out of the almighty god. This is an interesting situation where human himself tries to find out from where it popped out. On one hand he is exercising his intellect, on the other he is centralizing his relationship with the nature.

The agony of Human life is that he is the only one who talks about the reason of being in this world. Apart from this question rest all the things are near about same like other animals. Also this feeling of being good for nothing keeps on coming to the people again and again in their life in isotopic ways. It usually annoys the person and makes him jostle with the unexplainable feeling.

To solve the riddle of life scholars time and again came up with the concept of choice. They said that it is your choices that define who you are rather than anything else. This concept of choice itself is a great literature to discuss. Some thinks that to think on this question is the real meaning of life, but meaning of life can’t be restricted to just thinking. It’s not about finding a solution but somewhere related to leading the life in a particular manner.

A big part of literature says that love can be the meaning of life. Love lies in sacrifices. Love itself means finding compartments for other and the other makes compartments for you. It is said that the human evolves by helping each other though a wrong interpretation may lead them to destruction.

Now even bigger question is that why am I thinking like this (I am not that old to search salvation).To rescue that feeling, I would like to remind that, It is said that this life is not the end of the world. There is more to see. This reminds me the lines from the lyricist Piyush Mishra…

Wo kahein hain ki duniya ye itni nahi hai

Sitaaron se aage jahaan aur bhi hain

Ye hum hi nahi hain wahaan aur bhi hain

Hamaari har ek baat hoti wahin hai…..

*Note- I have used he/him as a reference to human, which certainly indicates that I am a male chauvinist which I am not. That is done just to maintain simplicity…

About the Author – The author works in the financial sector at a leading Investment bank in Pune, India.

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