Rape: A Nation Held Guilty

By The Editor

World doesn’t blame every German for Holocaust but it’s a collective guilt that they have to bear in the pages of history. We Indians will be held accountable in a similar way. Not each one of us is a rapist but we all would be held accountable for the actions of a few and the reason would be same as in case of Germany, madmen who commit atrocities and madman who encourages them from the seat of power.

Recent rape cases in UP are just one part of our national guilt but the Samajwadi party run state government’s vehemently defiant attitude towards acknowledging the fact that there is no such thing as law and order in UP, is setting new standards in national shaming. One wonders if the chief minister in question here is as helpless or shortsighted as to compare the Z level security enjoyed by himself and his family members to the general public of the state who constantly lives in the fear of being robbed from their possessions and honor. In these cases, the accused not only raped the girls but hanged them later in full public view and the cops, well they didn’t took any action and went as far as to abet in crime because they shared the same last name, the same community as of the perpetrators and not to forget the chief minister’s. This sense of brazenness, the mindset that no one will be able to touch you because your guy is in power is the motivation of this barbarousness.

UP was always the black sheep of the nation in the matters of law and order. It’s not the first time incidents like these have taken place but a proactive media, socially connected and aware citizens has helped bring out the cancerous parts of our society. Those victims and their families might have some chance of justice now since this case is in limelight and thanks to the social media, hopefully the public anger would pressure politicians, state and central agencies to push for a timely and fair trial no matter how slim the possibilities are. It is also important for public’s morale and confidence to bring these culprits to justice because if these guys got away with it, what’s stopping sexual predators in other parts of the country let alone in UP to lay their hands on an innocent girl.

Our advancement and modernization cannot go hand in hand with backwardness in attitude towards women. This is no longer a feudal society where have not’s live on the whims and wishes of the have’s. We have to change for good, even if it means taking iron fist instead of glove and as for the ruling Samajwadi party government, they should take a lesson or two from recent elections otherwise the way things are going in state, public might pull the rug under their feet long before the assembly elections.

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