People who have come

will obviously return.

But the tree shall remain.

And shall remain its branches

that bore the pain.

Poor tree – must have had an inkling

when dressed it was

with those gluttonous ropes.

The ropes that would be fed

with tractable necks –

tiny and inconsequential –

of the live-sacks.

The tree took it all –

drank drop by drop

until the necks ceased to flutter

and arrived at a formal standstill.

The twin sacks, turned lifeless,

hang in the air,

waiting to kiss the earth goodbye.

Morning unleashes the spectacle.

The twin dead-sacks now rest on ground

spread for the display.

Exhibitors throng the site

seeking answers where none exist.

Sloganeering, chest thumping,

prime time must follow.

Some heads rolled;

the world swiftly moves on

to some other destination

where another sack just had had

a tryst with her destiny.

Just the tree keeps the memory.

And the branches that bore the pain.

                                                                            ~Atul Kapoor

                                                                              Kanpur, India


  1. very well expressed, the pain they and there family went through is beyond imagination. May God help our society with the healthy mindset and humanity…

  2. Gunjan keshari says:

    Gud 1 atul, hope u get more ideas n thought 2 share vith us all the very best .

  3. Gopal Kapoor says:

    Amazing. Thought provoking.

  4. kopal dhawan kapoor says:

    It distresses one for all the evil that surrounds our word for your poetic expression, “Astounding”…kudos AK

  5. Nice jiju..

  6. arunima dhawan says:

    Very heart touching poem jiju very well expressed

  7. Moving lines Atul.. I could congratulate you for you words.. but a better credit would be to acknowledge the angst they communicated and I felt!

  8. shruti dhawan says:

    vry nicely expressed.

  9. Don’t know how much more is required for awakening. Appears there’s a long way for us to be called humans & God’s greatest creation. Impressive & thought Provoking Atul!

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