In The Deep Blue Sea

                 The captain called out, ‘All on board’

                 The passengers moved briskly towards-

                 The submerged lower deck with large glass windows,

                 Each vying for a window seat

                 To catch a closer glimpse of aquatic life-

                 Yes, it was a tour under the water.

                 The turquoise clear water flowed for miles

                 That sent a thrill of excitement.

                The indescribably beautiful-

                 Fishes of various shapes, colours, and sizes-

                 Glided majestically in the water.

                 Some looked frightening staring right into us.

                 All of them, small as well as big,

                 The slender, the fat even the quite flat ones,

                 Seemed to be saying-

               ‘Catch me if you can!’

                The turtles, the snakes, the weird looking creatures

                Were apparently, very happy, living together!

                 The multicolored, unique corals and the weeds

                 Swaying along with the flow of water

                 Added to the panorama of the deep blue sea!

                 One had to see to believe how-

                 Every creature was at peace with the other!

                 Soon the tour was over but not the picturesque sight

                 And as we disembarked we reflected on—

                 Oh, why, why can’t Man learn something –

                 From these silent but sensible creatures?

                                                                                      ~Anu Bannore

                                                                                           Vadodara, India


  1. You have described the underwater experience so beautifully.. nicely worded…

  2. very well written and described.

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