Month: May 2014



Long barren field, Undulating sharp, Like an ECG Of a serious patient Strapped to cold steel of a Narrow bed, Hovering between life and death; A leafless tree stands there In that infinite wilderness, Alone; Resolute and tall, Multi-limbed being, Leaflets blooming, An explosion of  Brilliant orange; A tree on […]


My Soul

  A New journey has started, Two years ago that has enriched My sense of pragmatism, knowledge And accepted life, as it came. This perception enhanced, my broader Outlook in day today life. The entire credit, complement, goes to my beloved, who accepted me as I am. My soul is […]

Week's Person

Wake Up Consumer, Wake Up

By Siddharth Sehgal This article is to familiarize you with an agency you already know about but like most simple things in life its take for granted the Consumer Forum of India. You might have come across “jago grahak jago” commercials while flipping the TV channels but hardly anyone knocks […]


Hidden Treasure

When a time comes in life When you desire nothing When you want nothing But you get everything. When expectations die When your attitude changes When giving gives more Pleasure than receiving. When you feel You lack nothing Consider yourself blessed As you have Somewhere, somehow Got the glimpse Of […]