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Long barren field, Undulating sharp, Like an ECG Of a serious patient Strapped to cold steel of a Narrow bed, Hovering between life and death; A leafless tree stands there In that infinite wilderness, Alone; Resolute and tall, Multi-limbed being, Leaflets blooming, An explosion of  Brilliant orange; A tree on […]

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My Soul

  A New journey has started, Two years ago that has enriched My sense of pragmatism, knowledge And accepted life, as it came. This perception enhanced, my broader Outlook in day today life. The entire credit, complement, goes to my beloved, who accepted me as I am. My soul is […]

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By Rob Harle Religious fundamentalism is a touchy subject both in lay and academic circles. Why this should be so is no mystery, the emotive factors that make fundamentalism an emotionally touchy subject to discuss are inherent in fundamentalism itself. In this essay I explore the root causes of religious […]

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Wake Up Consumer, Wake Up

By Siddharth Sehgal This article is to familiarize you with an agency you already know about but like most simple things in life its take for granted the Consumer Forum of India. You might have come across “jago grahak jago” commercials while flipping the TV channels but hardly anyone knocks […]

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Election Commission, Neutral Observer or Active Enforcer

 By the Editor Swiss are known for their neutrality, chocolates and protecting their clients’ interest. Election Commission is also known to follow similar behavioral pattern sometimes minus the chocolate off course. These elections are unprecedented in all aspects including the role election commission plays in facilitating the electoral process. Does […]

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Dawn to Dusk

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Hidden Treasure

When a time comes in life When you desire nothing When you want nothing But you get everything. When expectations die When your attitude changes When giving gives more Pleasure than receiving. When you feel You lack nothing Consider yourself blessed As you have Somewhere, somehow Got the glimpse Of […]

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Psychopaths Look Normal—A Case Study

By Dr. Anjali Dewan This is a different type of research study as it entails the study of various aspects of the behavior of a single person. Before I go into the details of the person’s behavioral deviation from the normal, let me explain what psychopaths are. These are persons […]

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Eye for an Eye Doesn’t Makes the Whole World Blind

By Editor Israel is roughly the size of our north eastern states of Meghalaya and Manipur but this small Jewish state is known to fiercely defend its citizens against external and internal threats. It’s army and intelligence agencies such as Mossad make sure that its enemies live with unease wherever […]

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Indian Railway, Customer Care in India’s Largest Employer

By Siddharth Sehgal Indian Railways is the symbolism and lifeblood of India that runs on tracks. Western tourist delighting in luxury of palace on wheels or vendors selling tree in jam packed general bogie, it’s not just a means of traveling and livelihood. It’s an integral part of our culture. […]

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